Siege on Color Castle

Your castle is under attack by a horde of green bastards, and now you must summon your army to resist it as long as you can!

Click on cover image to load the game

Collect resources in a match puzzle game to amass an army and protect your castle from the incoming hordes.

Lower Screen

Match 3 or more tiles to clear them up and fill new tiles. Matching more than 3, making multiple matches and chaining matches will wield more points.

Each match will add up to the resources used for the strategy gameplay on the top screen.

Top Screen

Select the unit to be spawned, and it will walk to its guardpost(marked with the little signs) and attack incoming units. If the button is greyed out, you need more resources(gold, food and weapons) to summon them.

On the top left there's information on when will the next wave attack. Resist as long as you can. :V