Classic Demos

Classic game clones in Lua(LÖVE2D), for learning purposes

A series of 4 out of 12 planned clones of classic games, made in LÖVE2D as a deliberate way of grasping the way of working with Lua and LÖVE, and also as hands-on training for game dev habits.

The full list of planned gameplay concepts are:

  1. Brick Breaking Puzzler (Breakout)
  2. Single/Multiplayer Paddle Game (Pong)
  3. Falling Block Puzzler (Tetris, Dr. Mario)
  4. Matching Puzzle (Puzzle Bobble, Bejeweled, That Game That Shall Not Be Mentioned)
  5. Maze Action Game (Pac-Man)
  6. Maze Puzzle Game (Sokoban)
  7. Static Shooter (Asteroid, Space Invaders, Centipede)
  8. Scrolling Shooter (Galaga)
  9. Pinball
  10. Platformer (Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr.)
  11. Run & Gun (Contra, Metal Slug)
  12. Sports Racing Game (Excitebike)